Good Reads to get you thinking…

Coach yourself to success – Talane Miedaner; Loads of tips and tricks to enhance your life.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – Richard Carlsson; Super quick read. Will help you put stuff into perspective

Good to Great – Jim Collins; About why some companies stand out and how you can keep it that way

Great teams – Don Yaeger; One of those books that use succesfull sports teams as an example to get the best out of your teams

Grit – Angela Duckworth; About why passion and resilience are the secret to success. Tip to read about resilience if you struggle with imposter syndrome

How to make friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie; Does what it says on the tin. Some things never change: this book was written in 1936 and still as relevant as ever

Leaders eat last – Simon Sinek; On team work and how to be a good boss

Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg; For women with ambition

Mindset – Carol Dweck; About the growth mindset and getting the best out of people by encouriging people te always make an effort and never stop learning. Great read for managers, coaches, teachers and parents!

Option B – Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grantt; About resilience and overcoming tough times

Radical Candor – Kim Scott; About the importance of feedback

Start with why – Simon Sinek: How to inspire people to take action

The Chimp Paradox – Steve Peters; I love this book: get to understand why you react the way you do to certain things and learn how to manage your first (usually ineffective) response

The first 90 days – Michael D Watkins; A must read when you’re starting a new job and want to approach it well.

The seven habits of highly effective people – Stephen Covey; The first management book I ever read. A bit American, but a must read for everyone.

The power of Habit – Charles Duhigg; How habits influence your life and how to change habits to influence your life positively

What got you here won’t get you there – Marshall Goldsmith; Don’t rest on your laurels. Results from the past don’t guarantee success in the future!

Why we sleep – Matthew Walker; If you think you can do with 4 hours of sleep per night: please read this book. It’s an ode to sleep.

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